MIT 4.203/2 Geometry Modeling Fall 2003
Architecture Department Computing Environment:
How to login, print, and share stuff.

The Computer Resoures Office (CRO) in the Department of Architecture maintains most of the computing facilities in the department. If you have problems using the computers or printers in the studios or labs, please contact them directly. This semester, the CRO, is going through a transition phase. As such, there will be some hiccups in the system. Please be patient.

Computer Resources Office
Room 3-411

The Department of Architecture has numerous machines running variety of operating systems; Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Linux. Each platform will be running Athena which is the university wide computer environment. Each student will have 500MB of disk space and have access to all architecture departmental printers. There is a nominal fee to print from the departmental printers. See the CRO website for details.

Adler 11x17, B&W laser Studio 7 HP LaserJet 4MV
Alps 11x17, B&W laser 7-401 HP LaserJet 4MV
Arch-plotter Large format color inkjet plotter Studio 7 HP DesignJet 755CM
Greenmountains 8.5x11, 11x17 double sided color laser Studio 7 HP LaserJet 8550N
Ozark Large format color inkjet plotter Studio 7 HP DesignJet 5000
Pyrenees 8.5x11, 11x17, double sided B&W laser Studio 5 HP LaserJet 5000N

Windows XP
To logon to a windows machine, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and enter your Athena username and password. Make sure you are logging into the appropriate domain. Your 500MB Athena disk space should be automatically mapped to the H: drive. To change the default printer, goto the Start menu (bottom left-hand corner of the screen) and select Printer and Faxes. Right-click on the desired printer and Set as Default Printer. To access your 500MB Athena disk space from your personal Windows PC, such as a laptop, you need to obtain 3 pieces of software: OpenAFS, Leash32, and aklog.exe. Where to download and how to install the software will be annouced later.

Macintosh OS X
You do not need to log in to use Macintosh computers. To save files to your Athena disk space, you have to use SecureFetch and connect to

Temporary Storage Space
Archtemp is a 8GB temporary storage space for use by architecture students. It should automatically map to the T: drive. Files on archtemp last no longer than 5 days and are not backed up.