Exercise #1

Student Work

Example Villa Pisani by Franco Vairani

Demo Files 09.05.2003 Barcelona Pavilion Analytique
All demo files can be found at Z:/soap.mit.edu/arch/class/4.203/Exercise1-DemoFiles

Demo Files 09.12.2003 Barcelona Pavilion Channels
Handout #2

Instructions to hand-in
Exercise #1
Deadline for Exercise #1 is September 19, 2003 at 7:00pm. You will be submitting 3 files for Exercise #1. All images should be 900x600 pixels in either landscape or portrait orientation.
  1. athena_username-m.jpg : a simple matrix of the scanned images.
  2. athena_username-a.psd : the photoshop file of your analytique with layers.
  3. athena_username-a.jpg : a flattened image of your analytique.
For example: haldane-m.jpg, haldane-a.psd, haldane-a.jpg

To submit the files, copy them from your directory to the 4.203/2 locker space on the Athena network. From a Windows PC, the locker space is located at Z:\soap.mit.edu\arch\class\4.203. Copy all your files into the Exercise1-Submissions folder.