4.560 Geometric Modeling

Fall 2008 Staff and Office Hours (subject to change)

last revised : 9.3.2008

4.560 Staff and Office Hours

Takehiko Nagakura takehiko@mit.edu Associate Professor Rm 10-472M (by appointment via e-mail only)
Skylar Tibbits sjet@mit.edu Teaching Assistant Rm 3-409
(TN lab)
TBA or by email
Juhong Park juhong@mit.edu Teaching Assistant Rm 3-409

If you need help and can't find us, you can always send e-mail to 4.560staff@mit.edu

Besides 4.560 class TA's, computer resource monitor people are regularly on duty in studios, from whom you can get technical assistance. Their hours are posted in the studio area.

Other Important People

For assistance with hardware and software in the studios and the pc classroom, contact architecture computer resource people.

Duncan Kincaid dsk@mit.edu Computer Resource Manager, Rm 9-514
Tom Fitzgerald tfitz@mit.edu Computer Resource Manager, Rm 9-512
Eduardo Gonzales eduardog@mit.edu Computer Resource Personnel, Rm 9-518
Rickie Leiserson locutus@mit.edu Computer Resource Personnel, Rm 9-518


Wednesday 5:00PM - 6:30PM in Rm 4-145.


Lab sections will take place normally in the 4-145 and occasionally in the PC-Classroom (9-251) or pinup-room (9-255)

Wednesday 7:15PM - 8:30PM (weekly)
Friday 10:30AM - Noon (backup slot for pinup, holidays, etc.)

PC availability

All PC's in architecture studios in bilding 5 and 7 as well as PC classroom (9-251, combo 82464) are loaded with necessary software. Students who needs card access should contact architecture headquarter (room 7-337).


Copies of handouts will be available from TA.

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