4.203 Fall 2003 Student and Project Listing (subject to change)

last revised : 03.10.28

Fall 2003 Student and Project Listing

  • ccardena Carlos Cardenas (DDes GSD - First Year)

    Swimming Pool in Laracha, A Coruna
    by Quintans, Carlos. / Raya, Antonio. / Crespo, Cristobal. (year: location: Laracha, A coruna. Spain. )

  • cfowlkes Catherine Kuhnle (MArch 1 first year)

    Antonio Galvez House
    by Luis Barragan (year: 1955 location: San Angel, Mexico City )

  • chadios Konstantinos Chadios (SMArchS first year)

    Koshino House
    by Tadao Ando (year: 1983 location: Ashiya )

  • coryn Coryn Kempster (MArchI)

    Otaniemi Chapel
    by Heikki & Kaija Siren (year: 1957 location: Otaniemi, Finland )

  • cyou cheng-yang ou (Mdes GSD first year)

    thermal bath vals
    by peter zumthor (year: 1990 location: Vals, Switzerland )

  • fouad Daniel Fouad (MARCHII)

    Santa Maria Church
    by Alvaro Siza (year: 1990-96 location: Marco de Canavezes, Portugal )

  • freddiep frederick phillipson (march level 3 cambridge exchange)

    bernasconi house
    by luigi snozzi (year: 1989 location: carona, italy )

  • greeves Emily Greeves (MArch Level III exchange)

    Duarte House
    by Alvaro Siza (year: c. 1990 location: Ovar, Portugal )

  • haldane Haldane Liew (PHD)

    Barcelona Pavilion
    by Mies (year: 19xx location: Spain )

  • kmjames Kate James (MArch 1)

    Farnsworth House
    by Mies Van Der Rohe (year: 1950 location: Plano, IL )

  • kwacker Elizabeth Kwack (MArch Level II (year 1))

    Cattedrale della Resurrezione
    by Mario Botta (year: Design 1988-92, Construction 1992-95 location: Evry, France )

  • liapi Marianthi Liapi (SMArchS, 1st year)

    Mobius House
    by UN Studio / Van Berkel&Bos (year: 1998 location: Het Gooi, The Netherlands )

  • marzloff Elizabeth Nguyen (M.Arch.I, first year)

    Gugalun House
    by Peter Zumthor (year: 1994 location: Swiss Alps )

  • mmarracc Marco Marraccini (MARCH-2)

    Ball-Eastaway house
    by Glenn Murcutt (year: 1980-1983 location: Glenorie New South Wales )

  • mtaki midori taki (MArchII 1st year)

    la Mason de Verre
    by Pierre Chareau (year: 1920's location: Paris )

  • nosh18 Nicole Vlado (M.Arch II)

    Chapel at Tlalpan
    by Luis Barragan (year: 1953 location: Mexico City, Mexico )

  • nrader Nicolas Rader (M. Arch Level 2 (first year))

    Winton Guest House
    by Frank Gehry (year: 1986 location: Wayzata, MN )

  • owilkins Ophelia Wilkins (MArch I)

    Davis Museum of Art and Culture
    by Rafael Moneo (year: 1993 location: Wellesley, MA )

  • rossexo ross adams (MArch1)

    by MVRDV (year: 1995/1997 location: Utrecht, )

  • s_smith Stephen Smith (MArch III)

    Bom Jesus House
    by Eduardo Souta Moura (year: 1989-1994 location: Braga, Portugal )

  • takehiko takehiko nagakura (professor)

    by terragni (year: 1938 location: rome )

  • tcampos robert campos (MArch L1/first year)

    House on Martha's Vineyard
    by Steven Holl (year: 1991 location: Martha's Vineyard )

  • tripti tripti gore (SMarchS,1yr)

    Villa Savoy
    by Le Corbusier (year: 1929 location: Poissy, France )

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