Exercise #2

Demo File 09.18.2002


Demo File 09.25.2002 church_block_2002.dwg

Requirements for Exercise #2
  1. You will be submitting a minimum of two drawings. One drawing will have a major floor plan and the other will be either a major section or elevation. All drawings should be done at the same scale. You must use 11x17 paper (this is different from the 4.203 requirements).
  2. Include a north arrow, a scale and any textual annotations that will aid in the understanding of your drawing. Also indicate where the section cut is made in the plan.
  3. Make sure there is an appropriate level of detail and use of lineweigths. The drawing has to be clear and easily understood. Also make sure the drawing is well composed on the paper. If you have doubts about your work, make use of my office hours or make an appointment to see me.
  4. Due date for exercise #2 has been extended to Monday, October 7, 12:00PM.