MIT 4.562/4.503 Architecture in Motion Graphics
Prof. Takehiko Nagakura

Requirements and Grades

last revised : 08.21.2016

Assignments (possibly team work : 55% of final grade)
There will be 4 short assignments of 1-3 weeks, all of them required for successful completion of the class. Each of them will be collected as a digital movie/presentation file (usually in QuickTime or AVI file format).

Presentations, readings, and discussion (individual : 10% of final grade)
Assignments will be complemented by relevant bibliography, which ranges from conceptual film theory to technical aspects of film production. During the second half of the semester, students will participate in a discussion session while answering questions on the readings.

Final Project (possibly team work : 35% of final grade)
At the end of the semester, each student will prepare a final project to complete the class. There is no written final exam for the class, instead all projects will be presented to reviewers and the class during the final exam week or the last class of the semester. Each project will usually consist of a 2 to 4 minutes video clip. Team projects are allowed upon consent of the instructor.

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