4.567/4.507 (formerly 4.561)

Introduction to Building Information Modeling in Architectural Design

Prof. Takehiko Nagakura
Prerequisite: 4.105, 4.500 or geometric modeling experience in Rhino/AutoCAD

This course addresses fundamental methods, theories, and practices that engage contemporary modeling tools in the context of architectural design. It introduces selected academic and professional topics through lectures, demonstrations, and assignments. Topics include component types and assembly, parametric modeling, visualization, simulations, and scripting. Students are expected to initiate intellectual explorations through the use of Building Information Modeling software for architectural design projects, and to develop foundations to apply it to their own research projects and design practices later.

* 2017 class primarily uses Revit (2017 version) and Dynamo.
* Undergrads should use 4.507, and grad students should use 4.567.

Spring 2017 Class Information

First class meetings
    10:00 am, Thursday, February 9 at Room 1-246 (room changed)

Regular Class hours (subject to change)
    Lecture and Review: Thursday 10:00 am - 11:30 am at Rm 1-246
    Lab, Demo, and Working Session: Thursday 11:30 am - 13:00 pm at Rm 1-246

2017 Course Information and Schedule, updated on Feb 25 (printable PDF format)

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