4.203 Fall 2004 Student and Project Listing (subject to change)

last revised : 10/18/04

Fall 2004 Student and Project Listing

  • takehiko Takehiko Nagakura (Prof)

    by someone (year: 1950-70 location: boston )

  • ajits Ajit Singh (S.M.Arch.S)

    Capitol Complex
    by Le Corbusier (year: 1950-70 location: India )

  • ambs Emily Ambs (M.Arch (level 2))

    Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art
    by Zaha Hadid (year: 2003 location: 44 East 6th St., Cincinnati, OH )

  • axelp Axel Paredes (MArch Level II)

    Maison a Bordeaux
    by OMA/Rem Koolhaas (year: 1994 location: Bordeaux, France )

  • baron Sandra Baron (MArch II)

    Koshino House
    by Tadao Ando (year: 1981 location: Hyogo )

  • cweng Catherine Weng (BSAD 2005)

    Miho Museum
    by I M Pei (year: 1991 location: Shiga, Japan )

  • der Kevin Der (6-3, 3rd year undergrad)

    Villa Shodhan
    by Le Corbusier (year: 1951 location: Ahmedabad, India )

  • edson Rebecca Edson (MArch Level II)

    Burnette studio/residence
    by Wendell Burnette (year: 1994 location: Phoenix, Arizona )

  • elindsay Emma Lindsay (6-3 undergrad)

    The Parthenon
    by Ictinus and Callicrates (year: 432 BC location: Acropolis Athens Greece )

  • leoshieh Leonardo Shieh (SMArchs Urbanism 1st year)

    Contemporary Art Museum - University of Sao Paulo
    by Paulo Mendes da Rocha (year: 1975 location: Sao Paulo, Brazil )

  • llaniado Linda Laniado (MCP2 / MSRED1)

    Villa Savoye
    by Corbusier (year: 1928 location: Poissy, France )

  • mattchua Matthew Chua (M Arch (Level 2))

    Steel-Clad House
    by Shim-Sutcliffe (year: 1998 location: Toronto, Canada )

  • akilalin Hui-Ting Lin degree program (March Level2, Smarch, undergrad, etc) GSD MDesS

    Schroder House
    by Gerrit Rietveld (year: 1924 location: Utrecht, The Netherlands )

  • nomita Nomita Sawhney degree program (March Level2, Smarch, undergrad, etc) GSD MDesS

    Immeubles Villas
    by Le Corbusier (year: 1922 location: Geneva, Switzwerland )

  • dabonham Daniel J Bonham (MArch Level II)

    Modular Housing
    by Heikkinen Komonen Architects (year: 2000 location: Helsinki Finland )

  • cwjsu Chen-Whei Su (GSD MArch2, second year)

    Couvent de La Tourette
    by Le Corbusier (year: 1960 location: Eveux-sur-l'Arbresle )

  • hyeh Hsiao-Wei Yeh (GSD MArch II)

    Chapel at Venice Hospital
    by Le Corbusier (year: location: Venice )

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