4.560 Fall 2007 Student and Project Listing (subject to change)

last revised : 1l/14/07

Prof. Takehiko Nagakura (takehiko@mit.edu)
TA: Josh Lobel (jlobel@mit.edu)
TA: Simon Kim (simonkim@mit.edu)

Fall 2007 Student and Project Listing

  • c_outram Christine Outram (SMArchS Urbanism 1st year)

    Church of the light
    by Tadao Ando (year: 1989, location: Osaka, Japan)

  • cbhc Charlie Hagen-Cazes (MArch year 2)

    palazzina girevole
    by Pier Luigi Nervi (year: 1940's, location: unbuilt)

  • dhm Duncan McIlvaine (MArch 2nd year)

    Heidi Weber Exhibition Pavilion
    by Le Corbusier (year: 1963-1967, location: Zurich)

  • easonliu Yuchen Liu (SMArchS 1st year)

    Villa Savoye
    by Le Corbusier (year: 1928-1931, location: Poissy, France)

  • eaweiss Erica Weiss (MArch 2nd year)

    Marika-Alderton House
    by Glenn Murcutt (year: 1994, location: Yirkkala Community, Australia)

  • guignon Christopher Guignon (MArch 2nd year)

    Casa Paulo Mendes da Rocha
    by Paulo Mendes da Rocha "with Joao Eduardo de Gennaro" (year: 1964, location: Sao Paulo)

  • haru Haruka Horiuchi (MArch 2nd year)

    Thermal Vals
    by Peter Zumthor (year: 1990, location: Vals, Switzerland)

  • ikc Ian Kaminski-Coughlin (MArch 2nd year)

    Villa Shodhan
    by Le Courbusier (year: 1952, location: )

  • jokoren Jason O'Koren (MArch, Level 2)

    Fondation Beyeler
    by Renzo Piano (year: 1997, location: Switzerland)

  • jpugh John Pugh (MArch 2nd Year)

    Simpson-Lee House
    by Glenn Murcutt (year: 1989-94, location: Mt. Wilson, NSW Australia)

  • kcase Keith Case (MArch I, 2nd year)

    Bagsvaerd Kirke
    by Jorn Utzon (year: 1976, location: Copenhagen)

  • lrush Laura Rushfeldt (MArch 2nd year)

    Blades House
    by Morphosis (year: 1995, location: Santa Barbara, California)

  • ldavis24 Lara Davis (MArch year 2)

    Palazzo della Sport
    by Pier Luigi Nervi (year: 1961, location: Rome )

  • mdesmond Marissa Grace Desmond (MArch 2nd year)

    Maison a Bordeaux
    by Rem Koolhaas (year: 1998, location: Bordeaux)

  • mio Mio Uchida (March 2nd year)

    Tugendhat House
    by Mies Van der Rohe (year: 1928-1930, location: Brno, Czechoslovakia)

  • mkobel Marika Kobel (MArch 2nd year)

    Villa Mairea
    by Alvar Aalto (year: 1938-1941, location: Noormakku, Finland)

  • mpinney Morgan Pinney (MArch 2nd year)

    Carpenter Center
    by Le Corbusier (year: 1962, location: Cambridge, MA)

  • nhedun Najiyah (March 2nd year)

    Brion Cemetery chapel
    by Carlo Scarpa (year: , location: Altivole)

  • rgealy Rachel Gealy (MArch 2nd Year)

    Church of the Light
    by Tadao Ando (year: 1989, location: Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture, Japan)

  • salome Salome (M.Arch. 2nd year)

    Maison de Verre
    by Pierre Chareau (year: 1928-1931, location: Paris)

  • wayneceh Wayne Higgins (MArch 2nd year)

    The Chapel of St Ignatius
    by Steven Holl (year: 1997, location: Seattle, WA)

  • yanglin Lin Yang (SMArchS 1st year)

    Phillips Exeter Academy Library
    by Louis I. Kahn (year: 1967-1972, location: Exeter, New Hampshire)

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