4.560 Fall 2008 Student and Project Listing (subject to change)

last revised : 9/14/08

Prof. Takehiko Nagakura (takehiko@mit.edu)
TA: Yaniv Ophir (junno@mit.edu)

  • aliau August Liau (MArch II)

    Salk Institute
    by Louis Kahn (year: 1963, location: San Diego, CA)

  • bobmohr bob mohr (smarchs urbanism)

    capital complex, president's estate
    by louis i kahn (year: 1963-1966 "unbuilt", location: islamabad pakistan)

  • cheechui ying chee CHUI (MArch II)

    Sendai Mediatheque
    by Toyo Ito (year: 1995, location: Japan)

  • dbrown08 Danielle Brown (March 2nd year)

    Neugebauer House
    by richard meier (year: 1995-8, location: naples, florida)

  • dbuelow Debbie Buelow (SMArchS 1st year)

    No. 119 Central Signal Box
    by Herzog De Meuron (year: 1994-1999, location: Basel)

  • doone ryan doone (march ii)

    inn at middleton place
    by clark menefee (year: 1982, location: charleston, sc)

  • galletly Adam Galletly (MArch II)

    by Rem Koolhaas (year: 1992, location: Rotterdam, Netherlands)

  • hedstrom Lisa Hedstrom (MArch 2nd year)

    Maison de Verre
    by Pierre Chareau (year: 1928-34, location: Paris, France)

  • jhipp Justin Hipp (MArch 2nd year)

    Jubilee Church
    by Richard Meier (year: 1996-2003, location: Rome, Italy)

  • joconno Joseph o'Connor (MArch 2nd year)

    Yale Center for British Art
    by Louis Kahn (year: 1974, location: New Haven, Connecticut)

  • llok Leslie "WaiKai" Lok (MArch 2nd year)

    Jewett Art Center
    by Paul Rudolf (year: 1958, location: Wellesley, MA)

  • masouda masoud akbarzadeh (March 1 second year)

    Tenerife Concert Hall
    by santiago calatrava (year: fall 2003, location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain)

  • owuttig oliver wuttig (MArch 2nd year)

    Chapel of St. Ignatius
    by Steven Holl (year: 1997, location: Seattle)

  • radoman Slobo Radoman (MArch 2nd year)

    Simmons Hall
    by Steven Holl (year: 2002, location: MIT, Boston)

  • rizal Rizal Muslimin (Ph.D 1st year)

    Tree Village Campus
    by Herzog de Meuron (year: 2003-4, location: Beijing)

  • rmal Ryan Maliszewski (MArch II)

    Shelter for Roman Ruins
    by Peter Zumthor (year: 1985-6, location: Chur, Switzerland)

  • rokiomah Ogheneruno Okiomah (M. Arch 2nd year)

    Maison Locativ
    by Le Corbusier (year: 1922, location: Alger)

  • sarahrun Sarah Rundquist (M.Arch 3rd Year)

    Kolumba Museum
    by Peter Zumthor (year: 2003-2007, location: Cologne, Germany)

  • sferebee Scott Ferebee (MArch 1st year "Lvl II")

    Casa Malaparte
    by Adalberto Libera (year: 1937, location: Capri, Italy)

  • takehiko Takehiko Nagakura (Instructor)

    by Giuseppe Terragni (year: 1938, location: Rome)

  • toon Toon Stallaart (Visiting student)

    Serpentine Gallery Pavilion
    by Oscar Niemeyer (year: 2003, location: Hyde Park, London)

  • yesica yesica guerra (SMArchS)

    Kimbell Art Museum
    by Louis Kahn (year: 1972, location: Forth Worth, TX)

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