Computational Design Lab: Reinventing BIM
- In collaboration with CO Architects, Los Angeles -


Instructors: Takehiko Nagakura (takehiko@mit.edu) + Terry Knight (tknight@mit.edu) TA: Duks Koschitz (duks@mit.edu)

" Architects tend to think in terms of forms for which they have tools, and simultaneously, to look for tools to represent forms they have imagined... In general, a designer's toolkit represents a provisional equilibrium of capability and demand. " (William Mitchell, 2009)

Are you satisfied with the current repertoire of digital design tools?

Software for architectural design has evolved dramatically over the last fifty years, from early drafting softwares to sophisticated 3D modeling systems. The recent arrival of Building Information Modeling (BIM) now promises the integration of design intelligence and information beyond just formal or geometric manipulation. The goal of BIM is to support the wide range of work that architects undertake in planning, shaping, visualizing, simulating, constructing, and evaluating buildings. Yet BIM it is still in early development, and a consensus on what BIM is or what BIM should be is still being sought in both academia and industry.

This course looks at Revit, one of the most widely used BIM softwares today, in a professional context of architectural design. Students will be asked to examine and question the capabilities of this software (and BIM more generally), and to identify challenges and opportunities within the framework of the software. Students will work in teams to propose exploratory tools that augment or transform existing software capabilities in creative and innovative ways, to develop conceptual prototypes based on their ideas, and then to test their prototypes.  

Spring 2012 - Class Information

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First class meeting takes place on Tuesday, February 7, 11:00 Room 9-255

Regular Class hours: Tuesday 11:00am-2:00PM (Rm 9-255)
Limited Enrollment: 12 students

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