4.564 Spring 2014 Course Requirements (subject to change)
last revised : 2014/01/03

Course Requirements

  • 6 (bi-)weekly assignments
  • presentation of a small final project

    Bi-weekly assignments are reviewed by the instructor during the lab hours.
    Final presentation session takes place during the last class of the semester or during the exam week. A student who has design studio presentation must present during the last class of the semester.


    Final Grade = Attendance (10%) + Bi-weekly Assignments (55%) + Final Presentation (35%)

    Each of the 6 bi-weekly assignments has a point scale of 0 to 6. The point reflects the quality of assignment as well as timely hand-in. The finess of the produced graphics and the elegance of the code that produces the graphics are both considered for evaluation. You may be allowed to re-submit a work after the instructor reviews your assignment.
    Fail  Pass  HighPass  
    0     2     4        
    Late  In-time  
    0     2

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