Associate Professor Takehiko Nagakura offers the following courses at MIT's School of Architecture and Planning.

4.560 (formerly 4.203/4.206/4.209) : Digital Design Media (formerly, Geometric Modeling)
fall/spring semester (Currently not offered)

This course introduces the fundamentals of three-dimensional geometric modeling and associated computer-aided design and visualization applications in architecture, urban design and computer graphics production. It provides a theoretical foundation, an introduction to a selection of current hardware and software tools, and an opportunity to explore space and artifacts through a digital representation project.

4.567/4.507 (formerly 4.106/4.561) : Introduction to Building Information Modeling in Architectural Design
spring semester

This course addresses fundamental methods, theories, and their practices that engage computing in the context of spatial design. Topics covered include building information modeling, generative methods, prototyping, shape calculation and simulation, and are intended to help beginning students initiate their own intellectual explorations in research projects and design practices.

4.562/4.502 (formerly 4.204/4.503) : Architecture in Motion Graphics   -Design and Visualization-
fall semester

This course provides an opportunity to undertake advanced projects in architectural visualization with an emphasis on the use of computer graphics animation and video production media. The class will run in workshop format. Students will be introduced to advanced visualization software and conduct design projects to explore spatial expressions in motion graphics format. Selected literature and video materials on architecture and film will be reviewed to initiate discussion sessions.

4.564/4.504 (formerly 4.207/4.502) : Design Scripting   -Formal Design Knowledge and Programmed Constructs-
spring semester

The objective of this course is to provide students practical and theoretical foundations to explore computational coding relevant to representation of architectural forms and design knowledge. Students will learn basic concepts in a computer programming language and acquire practical skills to develop their own software tools for architectural design. In parralel, the course will introduce various theories and implementations developed for computation and representation of formal design knowledge. Topics covered in the class include paremetrized objects, procedural representation of form, typology and architectural grammar, shape recognition problem, constraint propagation, inter-application communication and internet-based distribution interface.

4.566 : Advanced Projects in Digital Deisgn Media
spring/fall semester (repeatable)

This course provides opportunities for a student to develop an independent research project with a topic related to digital design media. The primal audience are students who have already acquired basic technical foundation in advanced graphics software and/or graphics programming languages through the previous classes at MIT. A student in a research degree program in architecture can use this course to start up a pilot research project prior to his or her thesis semester.

4.570/4.550 (formerly 4.s52/4.s53) : Computation Design Lab
spring semester

This workshop provides students with an opportunity to explore projects that engage with real world problems concerning spatial design, technlogy, media, and society. In collaboration with industry partners and public institutions, topical issues are identified, and students explore and propose solutions through development of new ideas, theories, tools, information contents, and prototypes. The industy and institutional collaborators act as a source of expertise, and as clients and critics of the projects developed. The general theme of the class varies by semester or year. The class is open to students from diverse backgrounds including Computation, Architectural and Urban Design, Arts and other related areas.

4.288 : Computation Thesis Preparation
fall semester

This course is offered by Professors Terry Knight and Takehiko Nagakura, and is required for and limited to second year SMArchS students in Computation group.

4.587 (formerly 4.290) : Computation Pre-Thesis Preparation
spring semester

This course is offered by Professors Terry Knight and Takehiko Nagakura, and is required for and limited to first year SMArchS students in Computation group.

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