Research and Projects

More to come soon...


an interactive space viewing device
(developed by Takehiko Nagakura for the Virtual Architecture Show, June 1997)

The Unbuilt Monuments

computer graphics visualization of unbuilt architecture, funded by Takenaka Co. Ltd. of Japan
(Takehiko Nagakura, producer)

Gushikawa Orchid Center Headquarters

design and visualization of a building project in Okinawa, Japan
(designed by Takehiko Nagakura. Construction completed in summer, 1999)

MIT Sagrada Familia Project

The MIT Sagrada Familia Project proposed to develop a IMAX 3D 70 mm film of the Expiatory Church of Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi. A feasibility study on technical and legal aspects has been conducted through the funding of SONY corporation.
(proposed by Takehiko Nagakura and Kent Larson, 1997)


content and internet-based distribution interface (NITROS) of parametrized architectural vocaburary and its transformation syntax
(under development by Takehiko Nagakura and Haldane Liew, 1990- )

Graphic Parser

an implementation of Shape Grammar interpreter with recognition of emergent shapes and parametric shape transformation
(developed by Takehiko Nagakura in CLOS for his Havard Ph.D. dissertation, 1995)

Kinetic Wall

design and prototyping of a motorized and computer-controlled mechanical wall system for transformable structural shell
(under development by Bryant Yeh, 1997-)

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