Founded in 1996, the Architecture, Representation and Computation group sponsors a wide range of education and research activities to students and visiting scholars at MIT's Department of Architecture. The group's challenge is innovative use of computation for solving problems stemmed in contexts of architectural design practice. Current projects encompass software and hardware development, computer graphics production and entries to architectural design competition.

Dr. Takehiko Nagakura founded Architecture, Representation and Computation group in 1996. Nagakura is a registered architect from Tokyo. He worked for Fumihiko Maki and earned Ph.D. from Harvard University. Currently, he holds architectural practice in Japan, and teaches at MIT's Department of Architecture as Associate Professor of Design and Computation. His research focuses on computation and representation of architectural space and formal design knowledge.

Haldane Liew
School of Architecture and Planning, Ph.D. Candidate, Research Assistant, Architecture, Design and Computation Group. MArch M.I.T. 96', B.A. U.C. Berkeley 92'.

Franco Vairani
Lecturer - Research Scientist, Design Technology Group
SM Arch S, MIT 2001. UCC Argentina 1997

Shinsuke Baba
School of Architecture and Planning, Visiting Scholar. Master of Engineering in Architecture, Yokohama National University 1989. Registered Architect, Japan 1992-. Architect for Takenaka Corporation, Japan 1989-.

Our Alumni

Gabriela Celani
Stephen Duck
Bryant P. Yeh

Marios A Christodoulides

Susan Yee

Daniel J. Brick

Andrzej Zarzycki

Xun Chen

Jeffrey C Krause

Hsu-Yuan Kuo

Yi-Ling Wu

Mark Sich

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