AR Mail From Harbin

Takehiko Nagakura / Woongki Sung / Dan Li

[Massachusetts Institute of Techonology]

How to Install the app?

Click the Big Button above to download the application file.  You will be prompted to download the installation file. Once your download is completed, click the downloaded file to install the application on your device. Some phones will automatically ask you if you'd like to install the downloaded file. If not, you can locate the your download folder and install the application by clicking the downloaded APK file.

If your Androis complains about installing an application from unknown source, you need to change one system setting. Before installing the app file, go to Setting > Security (in Personal section) and enable Unknown Sources and allow this app to be installed (See the screenshot below). Then go back to the apk in the download folder and click on it to download. (Our app does not include any advertisement and should no harm anything on your phone. For more information, please refer to the site: )

If you do not have the postcards, you can download the pdf file below and just print the cards yourself. (Priting in black and white as well as in color would work.)

(Click to enlarge the image.)

(Click the image and print the pdf file.)

What is "AR Mail From Harbin"?

AR Mail from Harbin is a small augmented reality (AR) application that works with a set of postcards. Each postcard is printed with a portion of the plan of St. Sophia, the main church in the center of the city of Harbin. A user can assemble a 3D model of the building by laying out the postcards in the proper composition. By combining a photogrammetric capture of the church, AR technology, and traditional paper media, this tool enhances visitors’ experience at the historical location, increases their understanding of its spatial design, and promotes social interaction between the visitors on site and their friends in remote locations, all in a playful setting.

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