T. Nagakura

Assignment 1 Powerpoint Files

UPDATED: Download this (fixed to work on both PC and Mac) file via right-clicking and selecting Save As.

This is a zip file including 10 .ppsx files (PowerPoint 2010 Show format) that you can use to
conduct the test on one of your non-architect friends. When you conduct this test, please make sure that
you supervise the test face to face, rather than sending your friend the file for testing remotely.

NEW: And here is the pdf file of answer sheets. You need this to record the test result of your friend.
Please make sure to submit this sheet (filled with result) back to the TA by Sunday noon.

Reference 1




City Explorer (Shan He)

Seeing Differently (Shaoji Chen)

Air-pottery (Woongki Sung)

Space/Crows Interactions (Paloma Gonzalez Rojas)

Reference 2

Transformation in Architectural Design (Pascal Mueller)

Design for Assembly (Alan Tai)

USC Contour Crafting

ETH Architecture and Digital Fabrication