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4.207 Tutorials and Samples
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Getting started
  1. The current version is available for download here.
    (Just unzip the downloaded file and drag nitros-v3g8.VLX onto AutoCAD.)
    This version is tested and works on Autocad 2000-2012.
    Known issue: Autocad Architecture Desktop version does not install Nitros menu correctly.

  2. Interface There are three interface methods.
    • Right-click in a view > Nitros Shortcuts

    • Menu bar > Nitros
      (If you are using an Autocad version with Ribbon interface,
      switch Workspace to Autocad Classic by typing WORKSPACE
      and setting current workspace. Autocad ARCHITECTURE does
      not allow this, though.)

    • Use NITROS toolbar (only for the essential NITROS commands)
  3. Example: Using Table Grammar
    • Start by dragging the NITRO .vlx plug-in file onto your Autocad screen.
    • Nitros Shortcuts > Insert Shape: choose "table_marker" shape and click in the view
    • Double click the table shape you inserted.
    • Choose a transformation rule from the list.
    • (select shapes with circle marker) > Nitros Shortcuts > Auto Derive:
      Set Recursion depth to 10 and proceed. Hit space bar to cycle through different compositions.
      Type K to exit interation.
  4. Other examples inNitros Shortcuts > Insert Shape:
    • iceray_rectangle_intial_shape: starting shape for iceray grammar example
    • cap_block: starting shape for Chinese bracket grammar (3D)
    • seed120/seed180: starting shape for Melnikov plan grammar

      See the Small Shape Grammars section below for illustrations of these grammar.

  5. To remove NITROS menu from Autocad, Nitros Shortcuts > Remove NITROS Menu

  6. NITROS API is available for those who want to implement a small shape grammar in Autolisp.

Small Shape Grammars in NITROS

This library includes selected examples and projects from 4.207.

  1. system : half-hexagon table grammar
  2. system : iceray grammar
  3. system : Melnikov plan grammar
  4. system : Chinese bracket grammar (3D)
  5. system : Malevich's Architectons
  6. system : column 01
  7. system : pergola 01
  8. system : gate 01
  9. system : office 01

More info (old version)
  1. Introduction to NITROS : current distribution, description, installation, tutorials, reference and copyright

Parametric Objects in AutoLISP
  1. simple stairs
  2. Kenzo Tange's Tokyo Plan 60 by Paul Keel
  3. Palladio's 20 Sketch Villa by Ti-Wei Shi
  4. Ice Ray Generator by Haldane Liew

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