4. Collaborations

The success of the film will require the complex fusion of diverse expertise, talent, sophisticated technology, and powerful computational resources. It will require access to the archival documentation, current design thinking, and CAD models of the Sagrada Familia. MIT has assembled an international team uniquely qualified to undertake this project. Three major institutions have agreed to actively collaborate with MIT on the preparation of the film if their financial requirements are met: the Junta Constructora del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia, the University Politecnica de Catalunya, and Deakin University:

MIT will coordinate all aspects of the film project, and will be responsible for the final product. MIT will be responsible for all technical, content, and aesthetic decisions relating to the production, and for coordination between the collaborating institutions. MIT will contract for services and consultants as required in the areas of IMAX format on-site filming, IMAX stereography, film editing and compositing, scripting, sound recording, and music scoring. MIT will accommodate researchers from the University Politecnica de Catalunya and Deakin University at the MIT campus during the visualization phase in the interest of this international technology exchange.