Tymerama is a project that enables people to see surrounding scenes of a location from the past, in the future, and behind the surface on a tablet screen by syncronizing their viewing angles with that of the viewer in the current physical environment. It aims to help facility management, archaeologist, tourist, architect, and urban designer to understand spatial and temporary transformations on the site.

Research team
Prof. Takehiko Nagakura (PI)
Woon Ki Sung (PhD student, MIT)
Joshua Choi (MArch student, MIT)

December 2012 - current

Video producer: T. Nagakura
Location: MIT Room 7-302 (former space of Rotch Visual Collection)
Recording Date: February 1, 2013
Format: .mp4 (9Mb, 1 min. 25 sec.)


Panorama scenes
QuickTime VR panoramic images: Press in the image with left mouse for orbit, and use Shift/Ctrl key for zoom in/out.
Use the icons below the images for rotating and zooming all four panoramas at the same time.
(QuickTime plug-in from Apple is required for viewing in PC. If your browser shows gray images and says QuickTime Player Needs Your Permisssion, right-click on each image and select Run This Plug-in.)

Pre-construction state (February 2013)

QuickTime VR Panorama (390kb)

Predictive visualization (January 2013)

QuickTime VR Panorama (190kb) panorama image

Space under construction (March 2013)

QuickTime VR Panorama (210kb)

Completed space (Septembe 2013)

QuickTime VR Panorama (420kb)

North West South East

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