Exercise #5

Student Works
Sabina Cho Kimball Museum by Louis Kahn
Joe Dahmen Beyeler Museum by Renzo Piano
Lilly Donohue Cranbrook Natatorium by Billie Tsien + Todd Williams
Alison Hammer Pavilion in Amsterdam by Steven Holl
Jordan Kanter Thermal Baths at Vals by Peter Zumthor
Evangelos Limpantoudis Kagegawa City-Hall by Nikken Sekkei
Dana Ozik Gilardi House by Luis Barragan
Michael Ramage Sarabhai House by Le Corbusier
James Smith San Cristobal House and Pool by Luis Barragan
Nathalie Westervelt Miro Museum by Rafeal Moneo
Lucy Wong Children's Museum by Tadao Ando
4.203 Student Works

Web References 11.22.2002 Webmonkey
HTML 4.0 Elements
Microsoft HTML Reference
4.203 HTML Tutorial
Popup Windows

Requirements for Exercise #5
  1. You should create a well organized and easy to navigate website that shows the work you have done in the class and any pertinent information about the building or the architect.
  2. You should also include a proposal for your final presentation.
  3. The above links should be working by the due date.
  4. Due date for exercise #5 is Friday, December 6, 10:30AM.


Animation Handout
Animation Demo VIZ File