Computation Design Lab


This workshop provides students with an opportunity to explore projects that engage with real world problems concerning spatial design, technlogy, media, and society. In collaboration with industry partners and public institutions, topical issues are identified, and students explore and propose solutions through development of new ideas, theories, tools, information contents, and prototypes. The industy and institutional collaborators act as a source of expertise, and as clients and critics of the projects developed. The general theme of the class varies by semester or year. The class is open to students from diverse backgrounds including Computation, Architectural and Urban Design, Arts and other related areas.

Spring 2018: Design Experience (4.550/4.570)
Virtual, Augmented and Mobile Kyoto

Spring 2017: Design Experience 2017 (4.550/4.570) - Kyoto
Spring 2016: Digital Heritage 2016 (4.550/4.570) - Monticello
Spring 2015: Digital Heritage 2015 (4.550/4.570) - Vicenza
Spring 2014: Palladio Digitale 2014 (4.570) - Vicenza
Spring 2013: Palladio Digitale 2013 (4.s53) - Vicenza
Spring 2012: Reinventing BIM (4.s52)

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