This list of bookmarks is compiled by Takehiko Nagakura for ARC members' reference.

Educational Institution

Photogrammetric Modeling: Autodesk, Photoscan, etc Panoramic Video and Image (Conent) Panoramic Video and Image (Tools) QuickTime VR tool
  • QTVRPanoTools.dmg
    : download this file in a Apple Macintosh computer and double click the file
    : to retrieve applications. Depending on the type of panorama file you output
    : from 3DS VIZ, choose MakeCuric(spherical) or MakeManorama (cylindrical)
    : application. Before using one of these software, you may also need to resave
    : your image in PICT format using Photoshop on a Mac. PC Photoshop cannot
    : read/write PICT format, I believe. The resulting QuickTimeVR file can be
    : browsed in QuickTime player on both Mac and PC.
Video/film projects and database Revit related links Geometry library
  • 3D Cafe
    : includes a collection of 3D geometric models. a site of www.3dcafe. com
Lighting Fixture Catalogues AR Tools AR Demos AR and Kinect 3D stereoscopic viewing Sound Effect
  • Soundjay
    :A great collection of sound files such as footsteps, shutting doors, light switches, etc. Check out the category under Household Sound Effects.
Special Purpose Software
  • SynthEyes: Motion Tracking Software
  • Real Flow
    : Industry's leading software for visualization of water, etc. Free 30-day demo version available.
STL File Viewer V-Ray Radiance Video production tips and tools Nice Images
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